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Activity Wall Parcours

Activity Wall Parcours

This exciting wall game challenges children to complete a climbing course within the shortest amount of time possible. The direction is determined by buttons that will light up randomly and need to be pushed one by one. Each time an illuminated button is pressed, the next one will light up. To reach the buttons, the player will have to try to climb over colourful climbing grips.The included scoreboard will show within which amount of time the player has completed the course. This exciting agility game lets children get moving in a fun, playful way and encourages them to improve each other's highscore!This interactive wall can be made in any desired design. The Forex wallcoverings can be printed with any design imaginable, such as this Monster themed example design or other realistic or fun 2D prints. At the start of the game and which each press of a button, fun sound effects can be heard which can also be fully customized to your wishes and style.
  • Specifications

    Players 1
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