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Arctic Adventures

Arctic Adventures

The Arctic Adventures software teaches children to take good care of nature and the environment with fun, educative games and puzzles. The 14 interactive minigames have the same refreshing look as our IKC Arctic collection, with animals and beautiful landscapes inspired by the polar regions. These calm games are best suitable for kids between the ages of 4 and 8+ years old.
 This software can be installed on all IKC touchscreens (Delta 10, 17, 21, 32, 43 and 65 inch). The games do not contain any language or violence, which makes them suitable for children of any age or background. 

Custom software

IKC's software and games for the interactive touch screens can be fully tailored to the house style and corporate identity of your organisation. The software and games are developed from start to finish, take into account the development needs of the child and ensure that there is always a new challenge. Moreover, the IKC developers can upload this software and games to the App stores of Google and Apple.

Wondering how we can do this for your organization? Contact our specialists!

  • Specifications

    Number of games 14
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