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Delta 21 inch TV

Delta 21 inch TV

Delta 21 inch TV is a play concept that allows children from all ages to watch cartoons at the same time while waiting; or while they are recovering from playing. The Delta 21 inch TV is available with neutral, white housing, making it suitable for any interior. To make the play corner even more fun, you can combine the Delta 21 inch TV with our durable kids furniture or softplay elements. 

Did you know that the screens of our play concepts...

  • Are easy to clean
    The flat, borderless display surface of the screen prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt in the corners of the screen.
  • Are extremely strong and durable
    The play systems have a capacitive touchscreen with hardened glass, which means that they are vandal-resistant.
  • Are energy efficient
    The screens have improved energy efficiency and lower consumption.
  • Specifications

    Height 55 cm
    Width 60 cm
    Depth 10 cm
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