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Delta 21 Steering Wheel 8+ Software

Delta 21 Steering Wheel 8+ Software

The Delta 21 Steering Wheel 8+ Software contains interactive games that have been specially developed for the Delta 21 Steering Wheel 8+.
 The Delta 21 Steering Wheel 8+ Software contains 3 different 3D games that are challenging for all ages, especially for older children. You can choose between the games in the main menu. By turning the wheel, you can navigate between the different games.
 The games are especially designed for children from 8 years and older and stimulate them through agility games and puzzles!
 All games are non-violent and language-free and therefore suitable for all children. 


  • Blocky Shooter
    n Blocky Shooter, it's all about clearing the blocks! By turning the steering wheel you can aim for blocks with the same colour and pattern.
  • Chicken Pursuit
    The chicken is dropping the eggs, use the steering wheel to navigate and catch the eggs! Make sure you catch them all!
  • Nitro Dash
    Press the buttons and turn the wheel to race through the city! Avoid the police in this high speed endless racing game.

Also available at home or while on the go!

The Nitro Dash game is also available on:

  • Specifications

    Number of games 3
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