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Delta 21 Vertical 8+

Delta 21 Vertical 8+

The interactive play system Delta 21 Vertical 8+ has 3 adventurous games and a 21 inch touch screen with a space theme.
 This play system is suitable for children from 8+ years old, and takes them on a journey through the universe with a spaceship. The educational and non-violent games are specially designed by our IKC studio, and teach children to find solutions and train their motor skills to safely navigate through space. 

Did you know that the screens of our interactive play systems are...

  • Easy-to-clean
    The flat, rimless display surface of the screen eliminates the issue of dust and debris building up in the corners of the display.
  • Extremely strong and durable
    The play systems have a capacitive touchscreen with tempered glass, meaning that they are vandalism proof and that dirt on the screen won’t affect the touch sensitivity.
  • Suitable for more than one child
    The screen has ten independent touch points. This multitouch option gives children the possibility to play games together at the same time.
  • Energy-efficient
    The screens have an improved power efficiency and reduced consumption.
  • Specifications

    Height 70 cm
    Width 45 cm
    Depth 6 cm
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