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Galaxy explorers

Galaxy explorers

The Galaxy explorers software is part of the IKC Monster collection. The 9 interactive games take place in an imaginative monster universe. Children need to help the monsters to solve all kinds of challenging puzzles. They can help keep the Monster universe clean and assist when the monsters need to repair their space vehicles.
 The software allows children from 4 to 8+ years old to enjoy themselves. All games are non-violent and language-free and therefore suitable for all children. 

The Galaxy explorer games:

  • Space Builder: Little Ocram's spaceship has to be reassembled so he can continue his space travel!
  • Connect The Dots: The dots need to be connected to reveal the mysterious pictures!
  • Jigsaw Puzzle: Oh no, all of our pictures have been torn apart during our space travel! Can you put them back together? Help the little monsters reassemble their memories from travelling through the Milky Way!
  • Memory: Look at all those cute little monsters! Unfortunately their memory is not the best, and they can't seem to remember where they've left their pictures. Can you help them retrieve the right pictures?
  • Space Waste: Yuck! Somebody threw away their garbage out into the open air, and now it's floating around the Milky Way! Can you help the monsters clean up the mess? Be mindful, they are watching closely to see if you are sorting the right trash into the right garbage bin.
  • Slidding puzzle: Uh oh, move aside because thieves have stolen a part of our picture! Can you return the right piece to its rightful place? 
  • Counting: Who needs a space ship when you can simply float around? These young little monsters really love flying around the planet, though it's hard to tell how many monsters there are in total. Can you spot them all? Count the number of monsters before they fly away!
  • Spot the differences: Some monsters like to imitate each other. Not exactly original, huh? Luckily, some copycats made a few mistakes. Can you spot the differences?
  • Tic-Tac-Toe: We are making new friends in space! Can you show our intelligence on planet Earth with a few games of Tic-Tac-Toe? Play against the monsters, or play with a friend.
  • Specifications

    Height 55 cm
    Width 60 cm
    Depth 10 cm
    Weight 15 kg
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