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Wall game Crazy mirror

Wall game Crazy mirror

Crazy mirror is a variant of the classic laughing mirror, in which the mirror image of the children is twisted and bent into intriguing reflections. The play panel can be attached to the wall or to an IKC play system, which means that the game does not take up a lot of space. The frame is made of strong beech wood and is available in green and white, so the game fits in every play corner. The Crazy mirror can easily be combined with IKC softplays and furniture. 

The robust, durable wall game Crazy mirror

•    Only contains FSC-certified wood
•    Complies with the EN-71 safety standard
•    Is sprayed with antibacterial paint
•    Is easy to clean
•    Is finished with scratch resistant lacquer
•    Doesn't require much maintenance

  • Specifications

    Height 70 cm
    Width 45 cm
    Depth 3 cm
    Weight 3 kg
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